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Health and safety

Improving health and safety in the areas of production and processing of silicon carbide is a key target of SiCMa. The Association is closely following and contributing to ongoing studies by various research institutions in Europe.

Several guidance documents and scientific publications are available on health and safety related aspects of silicon carbide, such as a REACH compliant MSDS guideline for silicon carbide products.

Furthermore SiCMa is administering an internal database with significant literature entries on silicon carbide published over the past decades.

Classification of SiC crude and grains and SiC fibers

SiCMa (the "Silicon Carbide Manufacturers Association") is following up all studies and research work related to a safe production and use of SiC. In this context SiCMa realized that from time to time a discussion is coming up on SiC fibres. Against this background SiCMa prepared a notice to explain the current situation.

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  • Publication of DECOS

    In July the Subcommittee on Classification of Carcinogenic Substances of the Dutch Expert Committee on Occupational Safety (DECOS) of the Health Council published a draft report which concluded to advise the Dutch Ministry to classify Silicon carbide (no distinction is made between the different types of SiC) as carcinogenic to humans.

    As this recommendation is clearly in contraction with the outcome of the analytical test and literature evaluation carried out in the course of the registration of SiC (crude and grains) in 2009, SiCMa opposed the recommended classification of SiC crude and grains as Carc. 1A and provided corresponding scientific evidence.

    The Committee agreed with the view of SiCMa and revised the report. Based on the suggestions of SiCMa in the updated version of the report a clear distinction is made between SiC crude and grains on one side and SiC fibres on the other side. The recommendation of DECOS related to a category 1A carcinogenicity has been given up for crude and grains after SiCMa has provided scientific evidence that there is no risk for cancer using SiC crude and grains.

    SiCMa prepared a Statement with reference to the revised final report of DECOS.

    For more information, materials or comments on the health and safety related activities of SiCMa, please address the SiCMa General Secretary.